Geimori Studio

A Studio

Main Booth


The ceiling of the main booth is 7.5-meter (25 ft) high, which is equivalent to the wavelength of the longest base sound, making it possible to bring out the maximum sound effect of instruments. In addition, the structure brightly lit by the natural top light, is built with the woods from Hokkaido and the stones cut from Sapporo quarry, which reverberates the sound beautifully. The spacious 72-m2 (250 ft2) booth is wide enough to record a 20-member orchestra.

Control Room


In our control room, you can virtually feel the softness of sound that cannot be measured only by the effectiveness. It features the very mixing console obtained from the Beatles’ producer, Sir George Martin, used by such prestigious musicians as the Rolling Stones, Sting, and Paul McCartney. Together with state-of-the-art equipments and Pro Tools, music of excellent quality is created.

Vocal Room

Vocal Booth

Drum Room

Drum Booth

Piano Room

Piano Booth

Echo Room

Echo room

Bee Studio

Bee Studio

The annex with large windows in the natural surroundings is a great space to create the sound you look for. In this cozy studio, you can produce tracks, mix, dub and record vocal. The booth is 12 m2 (40 ft2), equipped with Pro Tools, HDMTR, capable of recording 48 tracks simultaneously, and live sessions.



Loft style staff room (4 bedrooms/ living room)
2 spacious and light suites with large windows (twin bedroom/living room)
4 twin bedrooms
1 large Japanese Tatami room

In total, there are 8 rooms with 16 beds and several people can stay comfortably in the Japanese room. Each room has a bathroom, kitchenette, washer/dryer, wireless internet access

Lounge with a fireplace, perfect for meetings and parties

Roof garden and BBQ garden both suitable for outside parties


4F Suite


4F Suite


3F Suite


4F Japanese 'Tatami' Room


3F Twin Room


2F Single Room


2F Staff Room


1F Lounge

Studio Voice

Ryuichi Salamoto and Taeko Onuki

Comments from Clients

During the summer of 2010, two of the world renowned Japanese artists, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Taeko Onuki stayed in Geimori Studio to record their latest collaboration. They left the following messages;

Ryuichi Salamoto

Ryuichi Sakamoto

"The studio turned out to be far better than I expected. The resonance of the studio is excellent, the control room is spacious and easy to use. What I would like to mention is the adjacent echo room with of course, the metallic echo walls. In the last 35 years of being in the music industry, I had never seen anything like it. Such room can be installed only by those who pursue the creation of premium sounds. The building is surrounded by trees, and the friendly staff members provided a desirable environment for us to concentrate on recording. I will definitely come back here again."

Ryuichi Salamoto and Taeko Onuki

Taeko Onuki

"I felt that we were losing the atmosphere of creating something new when recording in the city, but here in Sapporo, I found the studio that reminds me of that atmosphere I once had. You wouldn’t understand how pleasant it is unless you use it. From my point of view as an artist and as a listener, I can assure you that this studio will welcome you with an amazing environment where you can release your weary mind and find what you really want in your music."